North Texas

North Texas Section

MBCA NTX DIY Tech Session

Saturday, July 27, 2019 -
7:30am to 11:30am
Louden Motorcar Service
11454 Reeder Rd
Louden Motorcar Service

The North Texas Section will conduct the 2nd DIY Technical Session of 2019 at Louden Motorcar Services Saturday, July 27th.  We look forward to these combination work sessions / MBCA Social Outings as an opportunity to inspect and perform light maintenance on these beautiful well-engineered cars using our own tools on lifts with "over the shoulder technical guidance” at a Dealership or Local Independent shop.

Please Advance Plan your tasks to complete in the time allotted, using your own tools and within your knowledge and capacity.  Meet in the parking lot before 7:30 for Introductions, Briefing, and setting expectations.  Arrive late, miss the briefing, No Lift for you.   We have 8 lifts available in an Air Conditioned Shop so I will need to limit time on lifts to accommodate our good members.

Please limit your tasks and patronize our Host by Coordinating with them [(P) 972.241.6326 ] to have fluids, filters, parts, and material on hand to finish your tasks in their shop before 11:30.  This allows time for you to settle your parts tab, police and clean your workspace to ensure you’ve left nothing behind leaving the bay in better shape than you found it and to personally thank all the Techs that came in early Saturday.

All MBCA members in good standing are welcome to register online via PayPal.  Access to the Lifts is on a first come first served basis per PayPal registration date and time.  Registration is $15 per Benz.  This covers Refreshments, Fruit, Juice, Coffee and Sweet rolls for all.  Registration is limited.  The PayPal launch will be taken down when the event is full.  All MBCA Sections and MBCA Members are welcome to join us to watch and socialize.


Event Registration is  FULL as of 20 July 2019.  The PayPal button has been taken Down.  Please join us when MB Plano hosts the next NTX Section DIY in September. 

All MBCA members and prospective NTX Section Members are Welcome to Join us at Louden's for Coffee, sweet rolls and Socializing 


On a particularly proud note, Louden Motorcars is where our MBCA NTX Section DIY Program has launched 37 years ago, Louden’s was my first DIY in 2000.  Our “LugNut” technical members are especially appreciative of Louden Motorcars hosting this DIY in their shop each summer.   Please patronize and refer friends to them all year long.

Melbourne KymNTX Technical Chair972.658.8351

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